Dog walking rules
BC SPCA - North Peace Branch
Posted on: Apr 26/2011 - 9:22 PM by: Wendy Wheat

Walkers MUST check in with staff to find out which dogs are able to be walked each day and which yards they can go in afterwards. Walkers will be required to pick up any mess left behind by dogs (anywhere it is left), so please be prepared to do so. Bags are provided at the shelter. Just ask! A few rules for dog walkers (not just at the shelter):

  • Do no let the dog greet a strange dog nose to nose that it is not already "buddies" with.
  • Do not the dog sniff dog feces they may find on their walk.
  • Walk the dog for at least ten minutes. More is preferable.
  • Do not let the dog mess on business or residential lawns.
  • Do not let the dog drink from puddles in the industrial area where we are located. They are often polluted.
  • Always ask staff before walking a dog. A dog may look friendly or healthy, but may not have been assessed yet and could be sick or nervous or even dangerous.
  • Do not take the pets away from the shelter area in your vehicle.
  • Talk to your pet while you walk- they love it.
  • Make sure your pet has water in his bucket when you return.
  • Make sure to carefully close the gate behind your pet.
  • Be happy! The dog will respond more favourably, if you are cheerful and positive.

When you have walked a dog for at least ten minutes, please mark a "W" under their name on the board by the dog room and flip their kennel sign. If there is a big X under their name, they will not be allowed out for public walking.

We also ask that anyone who has pets to bring to the shelter, PLEASE call before bringing them into the shelter. If you own a pet... please make sure all their shots are up to date! Not only does this keep your pet healthy and protected, it also helps all the other pets in our area, too. Thanks for your cooperation.

The North Peace SPCA is located at:
9311-81st Ave. Fort St. John

Hours of operation:

Sunday and Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 12-4 pm
Wednesday: 12-3 pm
Thursday: 12-3 pm
Friday: 12-4 pm
Saturday: 12-4 pm


Thanks for your patience... and your help.