Emperor's Challenge Training Hikes in Fish Creek
North Peace Naturalists Club
Posted on: Jul 24/2006 - 3:00 PM by: Chris Wagner

For those entering the Emperor's Challenge, and for those who just want
to get out for a brisk hike, I'm going to try to help you (and help
myself at the same time). I've been doing some training hiking at Fish
Creek, and thought others might be interested in joining me.

The first training hike will be on Saturday, July 29th, at 9:00am, and
will be (about) a brisk 45-90 minutes of hiking, doing one to two
circuits of Fish Creek, about 4.5 to 9km's in total.

The second training hike will be on Saturday, August 5th, at 9:00am, and
will be (about) a brisk 90-135 minutes of hiking, doing two to three
circuits of Fish Creek, about 9 to 13.5km's in total.

The hikes will leave from the entrance to Fish Creek nearest the ball

For each training hike, you will determine the distance you go, but we
will try to keep to a pace of about, or slightly better than
4.5km's/hour (the minimum average pace to complete the Emperor's
Challenge in the allotted time is 4.22km/h).

Please bring water, a snack (if needed) and dress appropriately for the
weather and activity.

If people are interested, we can also see about heading down to Tumbler
Ridge on either August 6th or 7th to see about doing some of this hiking
training a bit closer to the actual race location.


PS. For those who might be interested in the Emperor's Challenge, check
out the official website, at http://www.emperorschallenge.com/