Monkman Provincial Park
North Peace Naturalists Club
Posted on: Jul 23/2005 - 11:36 AM by: Bruce Kosugi

Chris Wagner and a friend camped, biked and hiked during the July long weekend in Monkman Park.   Below is one of his photos taken at Kinuseo Falls.

Chris will be planning a couple of backcountry expeditions in Monkman Park and area within the next year, including a 3-day camping trip to a glacier, and a slightly longer trip to Monkman Lake. If there's enought out-of-town interest I may even combine these two expeditions, so that people who need to fly in are able to get an awesome trip out of the whole deal.

 Information will be posted on FSJ Now! as plans develop.  You can also contact Chris to let him know that you are interested.