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Hockey Is Here

The Taylor arena has passed all of its inspections and is now certified to make ice!  Our season will start on Sunday November 4th.  Talk to your team reps for team schedules and see you out there!
Taylor Rec Hockey      Fort St. John
@ 02:18 AM

Women And Work Exhibit At Museum

Our special exhibit this fall, winter and spring looks at the various tasks women undertook in the North Peace from typical women’s jobs like nurse or teacher to less typical jobs such as trapper, interpreter, and politician. It also looks at a variety of handicrafts from mukluks to embroidered tablecloths made by local women. This is one of our largest exhibits with twenty-two interpretive signs spread out around the museum. These purple signs are integrated into many of our permanent exhibits, showing that women in this area were involved in all different kinds of work inside and outside this home. Marjo Wheat and Heather Sjoblom curated this exhibit. This exhibit is on display at the museum until May 31, 2019.  
Fort St. John North Peace Museum      Fort St. John
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The latest classified ads posted are now back at the bottom of the main classifieds page. Click on the word "Classifieds" from any of the menus and you will go to the main classifieds page.   As we have a ton of new categories in the classifieds in order to help you find your items faster, we will be organizing the existing classifieds into their proper categories over the next while.   There are other things that will be updated over the next while as well, including the map code so you can see maps on pages that are supposed to have them.   There were some issues importing all the classified ad photos. Please check your ads to make sure the images are still there. If they are not, please remove any placeholder images and re-upload any missing images to your ad from your manage ads section of your member area.   If you find any errors, please use the "Contact Us" button found near the bottom of all pages in order to send us a message. Please include the address copied and pasted from your browsers address bar as well as when you were doing and what the error was (unless it was a page of miscellaneous code then just mention that).   Thank you, Don
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ACCOUNT Login Problems?

Email us from your registered email address to and please provide us your name and contact phone number in case we need to call you in order help you. We are working on the email slow to receive issue as well as any potential issues with the password update or profile update forms.   We are also working on adding all the latest posted classifieds to show up at the bottom of the main classifieds page in the format shown for the 5 latest ads that appear at the bottom of the main page of the site under the events.   This has been a very trying time for you and us and we are very sorry for the inconvenience, but it will be good soon and once you navigate around and start using the new system we think you will find it very easy and user friendly. Lots of security controls added to prevent spam/scammers from posting on the site as well.   Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience   Email Issues: Most likely due to the slow server state at the moment but if you have not received an email you sent for changing your password or registering within 10-50 minutes, please call us at 250-262-1508 or email us at   Some accounts receive the emails into their inbox and some into their junk/spam folder. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder just in case they went there.   Update your password from an old account by using this form Forgot Password.   When it rains it pours...
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Login Info For Users From The Old Site

If you have previously had an account on the old site and this is your first time visiting the new one, please follow the steps below to get you up and running.   1. Select the "Login" button at the top of the page   2. At this point, you can try logging in with your email address and password from the old site. If this works, skip down to step #7, if you were unable to login, continue to step #3   3. Select the "Forgot my password" link below the login form   4. Enter your email address. If you get a green check mark to the right of the form field, this email has an account, if you get a red X there is no account for this email address and you can register it at your leisure. If there was a green check mark select the "Send" button to send you a confirmation link to your email.   5. Check your email for the message that was just sent. You may have to check your junk/spam folder in case it was redirected there by your email program. If you find the email in your junk/spam folder please mark the messages as not junk/spam so hopefully, if you have to use this again the email will be in your inbox. Click the link in the email or copy and paste the entire address into your browsers address bar and hit enter.   6. You should be redirected back to the site with a form to enter your new password two times. You can click on the eye icon on the right of each form field to see what you are entering. Hit submit when you are done. You should see confirmation the change was successful.   7. Login using your email address and your password.   8. At this point, you are greeted with a profile update form. This must be completed.   9. Complete the form and submit to update your profile on the new system.   This information is for an individual person only.   If you had an account setup for a company, you need to change the information to be for yourself. You will be able to add a company to your profile after this step has been completed and be able to post ads using the company profile information in categories that allow it with a different contact email address and phone number.   Full name is required on your account, but you will be able to select how to show your name with every ad posted in the classifieds by either:   Full name, first name and last initial, first initial and last name or by username it will be up to you.   A phone number is also required on your account. You will be able to post classified ads showing this number, not show a number or show a completely different number for each ad posted, again it will be up to you.   For the city field, it should auto-populate with your location city and province, it takes a few seconds (this will work better once the domain is transferred and we setup the https). If it does not type in the city you live in using this format and case lettering e.g. Fort St.John, BC   10. Once your profile is updated, select the submit button to complete.   11. You should now be in your member area. At this point check things out.   There is a profile tab, where you can update your profile, add a company to your profile if necessary for some of the ads you post.   There is a User Settings tab where you can set the default city to post to when adding content, select how to get notifications, etc.   12. If you have classified ads running, select the "Manage Classifieds" button, then the "Manage Ads" tab for the list of your current ads.   Please use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of all pages if you have any questions or come across any errors.   Thank you.
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Upcoming Events:


Poetry Night

Come on out to our first ever poetry reading at the Museum where we’ll be sharing poems from past local poets. Guests are welcome to share their own poems or those of contemporary local poets as well. Free admission. Donations welcome. Call 250-787-0430 for more information.  
Fort St. John North Peace Museum      Fort St. John
07:00 PM
08:00 PM

Open Mic Night With Tom Cole

Join us at the Rose Prairie Community Curling Centre Saturday , November 17th for Family Open Mic Night hosted by Tom Cole.   Doors open at 7:30.  Admission by donation to the Rose Prairie Community Centre.   For more info call Deb at 262-1590 
General Event      Fort St. John
07:30 PM
11:00 PM

Woody Holler Live At The Dawson Creek Art Gallery

Join us as we welcome Woody Holler on Sunday, November 18th at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $22.50, available at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery or online through Tickets in the Peace. Presented by the South Peace Community Arts Council as part of their 2018/19 Home Routes Concert Series.   Bio: WOODY HOLLER grew up on the Canadian prairie hearing the songs of the cowboy. Although he was later trained in opera, a sense of nostalgia held him close to those western roots. In 2009, Woody teamed up with some of Winnipeg's finest jazz musicians and began purveying his own brand of Western Swing that Woody defines as "jazz from the saddle". The show is reminiscent of a 1940's radio show with a sound that is nostalgic yet thrilling. The music involves clever arrangements rich with virtuosity and style. The repertoire is eclectic, fun and fascinating, featuring finger-snapping swing beats, honey-slowed love croons, a dash of opera, and show stopping "extreme" yodeling.
Registered Non-profit      Dawson Creek
07:30 PM
09:45 PM

Free Workshop Sponsorship Of Parents And Grandpar

SUCCESS Immigrant Settlement and Integration Program hosts another free event - this time the workshop is about Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents. Those who want to reunite with their parents and grandparents who live outside Canada will find this workshop very useful and informative. The workshop will take place on Tuesday November 27, 2018 at the Northern Lights College. The workshop will run from 5:50 to 8:00PM. A certified immigration consultant will tell you everything you need to know about different options for bringing your loved ones from outside Canada. All questions will be answered.As always, the workshop is absolutely FREE, refreshments will be available and child care provided, if needed. Please refer to the attached poster for details. See you there!
Success      Fort St. John
05:50 PM
08:00 PM

Annual Old Fashioned Christmas Tea

Enjoy tea, goodies, sandwiches, and museum admission for $8.00. Tour our museum exhibits, which are decked out for Christmas. 10% off most gift shop items for North Peace Historical Society members.  
Fort St. John North Peace Museum      Fort St. John
11:00 AM
04:00 PM

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2 Bedroom Duplex With Fireplace

2 Bedroom duplex with fireplace to keep you warm and c ...

City: Fort St. John

$1,100 /month


Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

For sale a 10kt white gold 8mm Trillion cut blue topaz ...

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Aquamarine Ring

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Yard Manager Needed


City: Fort St. John